Another Great Teen Weekender, With Many More to Come

Today at Teen Weekender was an exciting one! We woke up early to some delicious muffins and headed straight out for some climbing tower adventures. So many of our kids braved the rock wall to…read more

Last Teen Weekender as a Camper

By: Ethan Scott-Smith This is my final year at Teen Weekender as a camper and I am proud to say that I am ready to volunteer next year! In 2013, my first year, there were…read more

How My Brother’s Cancer Changed My Life

Cancer? It couldn’t be real. Cancer is what old people have. Cancer is what sick people have. But my little brother? Five-year-old Gavin? That isn’t reality. But it was, and I quickly learned that things…read more

Teen Weekender – Final Night

It’s our last night of Teen Weekender and we are wishing the weekend would never end. We started our Saturday with a yummy breakfast of biscuits & gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit, and cereal. Soon after…read more