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Welcome to our Wacky World of Food! (Younger Oncology Camp)

| June 10, 2019

Welcome to our Wacky World of Food!

We had a wonderful start to our first week of camp. After day one, we can tell it is going to be a pretty sweet summer here at Indian Summer Camp.

Our volunteers woke up bright and early to finish decorating and setting up for the week ahead. We were so excited to see some our families waiting outside the gate waiting for check in to open. Our campers really do look forward to camp all year long.

Once the campers checked in, our families got a sneak peek of camp by participating in water balloon tosses, relay races, bounce house fun and more! Family day is truly a blast for everyone. We are always sad to see our families go, but we feel oh so lucky to spend a week with some of the coolest kids.

We were busy making new friends and reuniting with old friends until it was time for dinner. The whole camp came together for the first camp meal of delicious cheeseburgers and French fries.

For our evening activity, we had our annual opening campfire. Due to the mud and rain, we had to move it under the pavilion. However, it did not disappoint! We all sang silly songs, watched food themed skits and made yummy s’mores. We ended the night with our Bravery Feather Celebration. New campers and volunteers received a feather to represent the bravery it takes to come to camp the first time.

Our campers are all tucked into bed dreaming of sugar plum fairies, pizza parties and more.  After all, this is the Wacky World of Food! We are hoping tomorrow’s forecast brings sunshine or cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Either seems fitting.

Goodnight and sweet dreams from Indian Summer Camp.



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