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The Womack Family

| May 4, 2021

For the Womack family, what started as an ache after baseball practice, quickly became the fight for Ryan’s life. In May 2018, when Ryan was 12 years old, he began experiencing shoulder pain after playing baseball. Two hours later, he was so sick he couldn’t get up off the floor.

Ryan was taken by ambulance to Kentucky Children’s Hospital where doctors initially thought it might be his appendix or gallbladder. They performed an ultrasound where they saw something suspicious on his liver. After a biopsy, the Womacks were sent home. They received the call the next day that Ryan had cancer; he was diagnosed with Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma of the liver.

“We were on our way to karate for his sister Allie’s black belt celebration and the doctor called and asked me to pull the car over. He told us that we needed to come back immediately to have a port put in because Ryan had cancer. You have to dig deep, and you have find a very special place in your heart to try to juggle your new life. You’re doing everything you can to keep them as healthy as possible, and try to keep life as normal as you can.” – Amy Womack

During Ryan’s treatment, the Womacks were introduced to Kids Cancer Alliance. Both Ryan, and his sister, Allie have attended Indian Summer Camp as well as last year’s Virtual Camp and Family Retreat.

“Allie had the time of her life. She was able to cut loose a little bit and be brave because she had other kids around her to uplift her who were going through the same thing. She still talks about it all the time, every chance that she can, she talks about Camp.” – Amy

Throughout Ryan’s treatment and now navigating life after cancer, Kids Cancer Alliance has provided a network of support, friendships, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Ryan is currently in remission.

The Womacks are one of the over 580 families who were impacted by Kids Cancer Alliance in 2020. While it is our ultimate hope that no child would need our services, the diagnosis rate of pediatric oncology continues to rise. That is why your support is needed more than ever.



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