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Movie Monday (Older Sibling)

| July 23, 2019

Today was our first full day here older sibling camp and it was one to remember! Our morning started with brave campers taking the polar plunge! Any camper, who attends the polar plunge, every morning until the end of the week, will receive a well-earned polar bear swim medal. Some might say this is the most prestigious award here at camp, while others choose to save their winnings for other activities throughout the week. All of our campers had a great time.

Cabin Choice started in full swing with fishing, crafts and archery. Our teens had a blast! We have a few campers really racking in the points this summer of most fish caught, getting a bull’s-eye in archery, and the most important award of them all – the Trying New Things award. Some of our campers take these awards very seriously.  However, at the end of the day we all are here to have fun.

For lunch, we had yummy tacos, which made us all ready for a nap. Quiet time followed, with many campers taking full advantage of the chance to relax.  Others spent the hour tidying up their cabins in hopes they could win over, or at least bribe our sweet nurses, who give out the honorable Clean Cabin award.

We spent the afternoon going back & forth between swimming and arts & crafts while avoiding the rain. Campers made birdhouses, chalkboards, mugs & more. 

Dinner was popular since we had delicious Papa John’s Pizza, generously donated to us by the Danville – Harrodsburg location. Our kids could not thank them enough! After dinner, storms came in so we spent the evening watching movies and decorating cookies.

With our field trip tomorrow, our campers were asleep in no time, to prepare for tomorrows adventure. We have a Tasty Tuesday in store for us tomorrow.

Goodnight from Indian Summer Camp.


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