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Miranda’s Story

| August 28, 2018

I feel many would agree that when you find a passion or love for something, it is hard to find words to explain it. After working to collect my thoughts about this past week of Indian Summer Sibling Camp, I am filled with awe and love.

I recently listened to a podcast that discussed the evil in the world and how we cannot fight evil alone. It then went on to discuss the song “This Little Light of Mine,” which I have not heard in quite a while until this past week when 2 campers sang it for the camp talent show. I thought this was such an interesting coincidence, and I came to the realization that so many lights are dimmed by evil – by the hurt and pain caused by illness or loss, by other people, and by circumstances beyond our control – and so many people try to fight this evil alone. Some feel there is no one that will stand by them through what is coming next. This can make a battle so much more difficult to face and cause loss of hope.

But with Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA) and Indian Summer Camp, there is always someone there. Nobody has to fight their evil alone or dim their lights. The evil is dimmed by joy and love. In what I have witnessed last week and previous weeks I have volunteered, camp gives these kids a home and family – somewhere to feel welcome and let their light shine bright.

What has taken some time to really see is that these lights that camp brings are not always obvious and they are not always talked about. They are in the seemingly simple moments. The lights are seen when a camper who is nervous to sing in front of everyone is surrounded by friends that give her the courage to sing her song. They are seen when a camper feels empowered to try something new because they know that a friend or counselor will be there for them. A light was seen in the moment when a parent climbed up into the bunk bed on the last day to talk about camp with their child just so they could stay a little longer; or when a camper stayed an extra 20 minutes telling their dad about every button they earned and everything they did that week. Lights are seen in the moments that you look around and realize with all the handshakes, songs, and made up games, that there is no evil present – they are shining and living in the moment without a care in the world.

Kids Cancer Alliance and Indian Summer Camp give these kids and families someone to fight with, and lets these siblings’ light shine bright. And when their light might dim, KCA’s will not. No battle, hardship, or struggle will ever dim KCA’s lights for helping those who might be losing theirs. No matter where a family comes from, what has happened to them, or what struggles they are facing, they will always be able to turn to KCA to shine, laugh, love, and have someone to lean on. And my heart and light is here, forever For The Kids.


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