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Final Friday (Older Sibling)

| July 27, 2019

It is the last day of camp and we are not ready for the week to end. We had our brave polar bear swimmers take the plunge one last time in order to win the prestigious polar bear swim medal! We then proceeded to the dining hall for a yummy breakfast of donuts our sweet nurses picked up for everyone to enjoy.

After breakfast, our campers headed out for one more day of camper choice activities. They all had a great time fishing, boating, crafting and more.

Today our campers enjoyed a lunch of chicken tenders and mac & cheese. After lunch, everyone headed off to their cabins to rest for the dance, and tidy up for one last chance of winning clean cabin.

After quiet time the campers took turns shopping in the camp dance store for fancy dresses and ties. Many of the kids spent the remainder of the afternoon swimming, while others went back to arts and crafts to finish their projects. Everyone quickly ate mini pizzas for dinner, in order to get ready for the dance tonight.

Our campers spent the rest of the evening dancing and singing. Some of our campers surprised us with a special performance where they decorated pillowcase costumes and did a choreographed routine. We had an amazing week at Indian Summer Camp making memories we will never forget. This truly was the best summer yet.

Don’t forget to pick your camper up tomorrow between 9:00am-10:30am.

For the last time this summer. Goodnight from Indian Summer Camp.


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