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From Camper to Counselor by Winter Dean

Aug 1st, 2018

This year marks my third year at Indian Summer Camp. However, it marks my first year attending it as a counselor. I was fifteen when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and I was seventeen when I came to camp for the first time. Because of my shy personality, I was dreading spending an entire week with random people, most of which I had never seen. Nonetheless, I was surprised at how welcoming everyone was and how effortlessly I seemed to blend in with my new friends.
Three years later, as a incoming sophomore in college, you can still find me at ISC. My first year as a counselor has been eye-opening and a huge learning experience. Being on the other side of things has given me lots of perspective into the time and effort put into making camp all that it is. 
Being a counselor has continued to influence my career choice in pediatric oncology, and makes all of the studying and lack of sleep worth it. In addition to everything else, camp has also helped me build vital relationships with doctors, nurses, and other pre-medical students to help in the journey along the way. By the end of a week at camp, Indian Summer Camp leaves me longing for more time with the people I have met who helped me along my cancer journey.